Virtual Assistant


dedicated to creating inspired, time saving solutions for your business or personal brand.


Struggling to get it all done?

We’re committed to helping you create more time in the day for you to do what you love with those you love. The S+C team supports you in building a strong business or brand foundation so you can live out the lifestyle balance you desire. Off load those time consuming tasks to your ultimate virtual support team.


here’s how we can help:


Web design


Content Creation

Art direction

Video production



Social Media Management


We help you shine!

For the left brain individual who gets excited about numbers, strategies and systems but is desperate for help in the creative realm,

Or the right brain imaginative who thrives in the artistic aspects but feels weighed down by operations and systems,

Solve + Create is the team for you.

With a strong mix of skills, S+C can provide customized virtual assistance from single job support to ongoing help so you can focus on the essentials! No job is too big or too small.