Solve + Create

Welcome to Solve+Create. We are a creative driven digital company that seeks to create strong and lasting relationships between good companies and their customers. If you are seeking a new opportunities to reach your customers through digital means, websites, software, or apps, we are here to help.


Meet the Team

Shawn Zimmerman – CCO

Shawn loves the project management and creative sides of big digital projects. Shawn excels in understanding the full array of clients’ needs and delivering projects that meet those needs in the most simple yet innovative ways. He loves creating consistent design aesthetic and delivering well-crafted content, while managing project outcomes and client relationships. Shawn is well accustomed to performing in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments while pushing creative limits to deliver the most efficient and visually appealing solutions.


Thomas Iguchi – CTO

Thomas has a BS Computer Science from University of Mainz, Germany.  Using LAMP stack, Thomas has created and maintained multiple websites for WIV, a wine distributor from Germany. Thomas launched two Android apps in Google Play and has been a research assistant and developer for Mahdi Derakshanmanesh, PhD, University of Koblenz. Research field: model-driven software engineering.  Thomas actively uses Java, PHP, JavaScript and his pet topics are game development, parsers, compiler construction, natural language analysis.


Tag Spilman – Engineer

Tag has a passion for tool building and automation. He likes to work with people to reduce a process to its simplest form and then automate as much of it as possible. An example of this would be helping to create excel macros to make an accountant more efficient, or using build automation to improve the software release life cycle.


Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.


Paul Rand